Wednesday, October 31, 2012

This Is Rockbitch (2003)

Norman Hull

Runtime: 48 min


"Rock Bitch are a group of female musicians who live in a sex commune. The girls see themselves as striking a blow for women everywhere, and they are doing it through the medium of rock music-in the nude. The band was formed 11 years ago in a converted monastery in France where there is a ‘free love’ outlook on physical interaction. The girls in the band are ex-students, drama school dropouts and car thieves with a penchant for ‘sex magic’. They have released two albums and play to crowds of over 1000. This is an exciting, visually stimulating and no-holds barred documentary including scenes of nudity."



dimcepanov said...

bubnjarka im je ocajna ,,treba jos da radi :)))))))

dXb said...

Re-upload please!!!.

Greetings from Argentina.


son of man said...

This Is Rockbitch (2003) - NEW SINGLE JF LINK!

son of man said...

This Is Rockbitch (2003) - NEW LINK ADDED!

Krntija said...

A ovako nesto???

son of man said...


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