Friday, October 26, 2012

On Death Row (2012)

Werner Herzog

Runtime: 188 min

Ovaj Herzog u boga ne veruje, samo izbacuje nove i nove filmove na moju poglemu radost. Rad na upravo ovom dokumentarcu insipirisao ga je da snimi i svoj masterpis "Into the Abyss", tako da imamo sve vrhunske preporuke da ovaj trosatni dokumentarac nikako ne propustimo. Inače, neki su ga čak krstili i kao "Deeper Into the Abyss", što dovoljno govori o težini jednog ovakvog dela koje nam na savršeno eksplicitan način govori o smrtnoj kazni na totalno ličnom nivou. Dokumentarac je sastavljen od četiri priče o pet osuđenika na smrt, i tu emocije cepaju samo tako sa sviju strana, jer retko koji reditelj može ovako zajebanoj tematici da priđe na pravi način bez ikakvih osuda nit' predrasuda. Opet čista 10-ka!


"In this gripping series of films, Academy-Award nominated filmmaker Werner Herzog (Into the Abyss, Grizzly Man) delves deeper into the abyss of the human soul. Through interviews with five inmates awaiting their appointment with a lethal injection in the Texas and Florida prison systems. Herzog conducts a uniquely thought-provoking analysis of why people, and the state, kill. Each of the four episodes features an intense interview with a death row inmate in which we hear their own account of life in captivity and the crime that condemned them. Herzog explores the emotions that these men and women go through as they possess the haunting knowledge of exactly when - and how - they are going to die. Utterly gripping, Death Row packs a strong emotional punch and is a truly unmissable experience."



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