Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Cold Light of Day (1989)


Runtime: 81 min

Sasvim solidno urađen igrani film o serijskom ubici Denisu Nilsenu, inače britanskoj verziji mnogo čuvenijeg Džefri Dahmera, jer pored toga što je Denis bio gej, svoje žrtve je ubijao u klasičnom "killing for company" fazonu, baš kao i Dahmer, jer ga je progonio taj večiti strah od napuštanja, pa je stoga ubijao svoje partnere i tako mrtve ih danima čuvao u svom stanu. Film i nije imao neki budžet ali to prave fanove ovog podžanra nikako neće omesti da uživaju u još jednoj real life serial killer ekranizaciji.

"One has to admire the balls it took to make this movie. For a start, the atmosphere is cloying and intense, and if you've taken the time to track this movie down then chances are you probably know a little bit about it. Based on the crimes of British serial Killer Dennis Nielson, cold light of day is a slice of docu-drama little like anything you've ever seen before. i saw this on video in its 75 minute entirety, and it is a difficult movie to sit through. It makes you feel so uncomfortable, and tries, in its own way to present its characters with some compassion, but they are all so cold and pathetic that you squirm in your seat and wait for it to end. It took me a long time to track this little gem down, and it has had a couple of releases in the UK throughout the 1990's, but its a hard film to watch. Certainly a must for serial killer movie buffs or anyone interested in lensing their first movie, cold light of day is awkward and, in several places, downright unpleasant. Henry Portrait of a serial killer was gruesome, Cold Light of Day is a shiver than runs down your spine in the dead of night."


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