Friday, August 23, 2013

Adoration (1987)

Olivier Smolders

Runtime: 16 min

Kratka drama snimljena po istinitom događaju koji se odigrao 1981. godine kada je Issei Sagawa, 32-ogodišnji Japanac na studijama u Parizu, pozvao holandsku studentkinju Renée Hartevel na večeru u svoj apartman, da bi je zatim upucao, a njeno telo raskomadao i dobar deo pojeo. A šta se kasnije, posle hapšenja, dešavalo sa Sagawom možete saznati i u dokumentarcima Issei Sagawa: Excuse Me For Living (1993) i The Cannibal that Walked Free (2007).

"This 16 minute long film is based on a real life incident. Its shot entirely in monochrome and has no dialogues except for the part where the girl recites some poems. The special effects are awesome, the director uses very innovative camera movements and angles to make this film technically almost perfect. The film works in its totality too. In the very short time frame, the director succeeds to present a very strong picture of passionate power play. The man looks at the woman with awe, kisses her, listens to her recite. After killing her, he even undresses her with utmost care, strokes her body with his hands and finally consumes her completely. What better way to culminate the ultimate passion that a man feels for the woman of his dreams! Its sick, its perverted. And its still the most basic, most natural form of obsession. Very interesting piece of cinema, this. But definitely not suitable for all."


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