Sunday, August 18, 2013

MAXHTEC vs φυγάδες - ΟΛΗ Η ΑΛΗΘΕΙΑ (Anorthosis - Apollon 12.07.2013)

"This is the official video from the riots at the friendly match Anorthosis-Apollon. Anorthosis fans were inside their curva shouting for their colours when 100 supporters of Apollon arrived. Taking advantage of our absence they managed to move down towards the central shuttle. This riot could have been the best riot and could have been played as real men with the use of only hands but Apollon fans approached us with flares, crackers, stones and all the other things they had carried with them. Our answer was immediate though as you can see one of their fans gets on fire from the first item thrown by our side. Watching the video you can realise that as soon as we got out from our curva Apollon fans have withdrawn 400 metres from their original position before we got out. You can also notice that during the whole time many of our lads are showing their naked hands towards them but they continue not to follow and continue throwing items. Basically they aimed to take vengeance for several lost riots in the past but not only did they failed but they withdrew to the back, one of their lads was severely damaged and burned, they lost many of their personal items and once more showed to us that they are not planning to ever start a riot with hands."

Messing with us? Way too risky!

Anorthosis Famagusta 1911


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