Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Poland: 8 Wisla fans sentenced after murdering Cracovia leader in 2011 + Video of the attack

"Eight Wisla Krakow supporters today got sentenced 8-10 years for the murder on one of Cracovia's hooligan leaders back in January 2011.

A big group of Wisla hools attacked the Cracovia leader in middle of the day. He got 64 stab wounds by knifes and machetes.

Video of the attack - feature of the most dangerous and crazy hooligans in Poland - Wisła Kraków (Sharks). Machetes in broad daylight murder squad hostile fans. Execution on the enemy hooligans - Cracovia Krakow (Jude Gang):

Today, Monday 23rd December, Krakow court sentenced eight Wisla fans to 8-10 years in prison for the murder. While reading the sentences, some of the accused Wisla fans laughed, joked and even started singing to the judge.

One of the Wisla fans proudly wore a "Ultras Shark" sweater, group of Wisla Krakow. Another lad had a t-shirt with "Kosovo is Serbia".

Hooligans from Wisla Krakow and Cracovia Krakow is the only Polish groups which didn't agree with the "Poznan pact" about no weapons during fights in Poland."


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