Monday, May 19, 2014

Help Serbia and Bosnia...

Help Serbia, but please do not allow Serbs to help you, because WE are very wicked, we'll fuck your mothers, we'll fuck your sisters, we'll fuck your daughters, we'll fuck your dogs, we'll kill you all, you know? :)

"This song was created during the Bosnian war as a kind of irony and famous Serbian defiance, because at the time of the media demonized the Serbs and talked all the worst, while our media tried unsuccessfully to break through the blockade, and show us in a better light! When it became clear to everyone that the world sees us as savages because of Western propaganda and that it will not be able so easily to change, Nista ali Logopedi ironically said in this poem: yes, we are the worst nation in the world and you can suck our dicks."


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