Thursday, May 15, 2014

Šta biva kad ti ga prosečan Amer prevede

Evo šta biva kad prosečan Amerikanac prevede tvoj engleski na američki engleski, dakle prvo ide moj post pa njegov "prevod" krv ti jebem:

Post by abraxas 365 » Mon May 12, 2014 12:50 pm

Hi boys and girls,

I'm the author of Abraxas 365 blog, and I've uploaded these docs, so I felt responsible to get some things right on this topic. As you can asume I'm not from US, I'm coming from a small Europe country called Serbia, and this is the first time I've heard about your forum, but that's my problem, cause I was not so much into Keddie case, I only watched these docs and read few stories in TRUTV Crime Library when I heard about the case after movie The Strangers (2008).

I must say that I didn't promote this doc as admin said, I didn't know about Josh's activities, this is his first documentary that I have seen and it's very poor in quality, I thought at first that it's recorded in 80's not 2005, but never mind. Also I didn't buy DVD cause I never buy DVD's, they are expensive in my country, I just downladed this DVDrip from popular private tracker Cinemageddon and upload it on Mega, so I can present this case to people in my country and Europe, cause there is no other source, no real movie about it, no other docs, no books to buy it here, and my blog is NON-PROFIT, it's just a hoby cause I love crime docs and realated stories.

Also I must say that this kind of PIRAT uploading docs and posting it for free download IN MY OPINION is not a way for making profit, and especially not a profit for Josh, cause people will watch it for free, and I don't know anyone who would buy DVD after watching movie for free, it's stupid, so it's actually bad only for him, he will get less money, less DVD's will be bought cause CINEMAGEDDON is a huge comunity, the most popular private tracker in the world, and lot's of people get this kind of movies for free, so that's it. Thanks.

Post by dmac » Tue May 13, 2014 1:45 am

This is my interpretation of Abraxis' post. He's Slovakian, and, when I was a kid, I spent a lot of time with a foreign exchange student from what is now Slovakia.

My translation:

Hi all,

Abraxas 365 is my blog, and I did upload the Keddie documentaries. I don't speak English so forgive my mistakes. I wanted people in my own country to see these films, as its impossible to buy. This is the first time I've heard of this forum. I've seen very little information about the Keddie case, and felt it was important to make these DVDs, which are impossible to find in my country, available to others in my country.

I heard about the case from the movie "The Strangers", saw things on TruTV, and the documentaries, but I'm not into the Keddie case.

I did not know about Josh's activities, I saw his first documentary and thought it was made in 1995 because it was so amateur. His films are very poor quality, and I only offer them so people in my country can see them.


Anonymous said...

pa kad si slowak :)

son of man said...

Pazi, da sam Sirijac to bi još i razumeo ali kako mi nađe korene u Slovačkoj to nikako ne mogu da shvatim :)

Anonymous said...

pa mnogo se družio sa stranim studentima...i sve je to sad postalo Slovačka :))))

Anonymous said...

PAOK fan from Serbia!? No Partizan?

wellthatisgr8 said...

CEKAJ ovo nije bila zajebancija? On stvarno veruje da si ovo napisao, iako lepo sve pise?

son of man said...

Veruje, veruje, pa vidiš da se radi o teškoj budali bez ikakve osnovne edukacije, dno dna al' mi drag jebotimatersvoju :))

PAOK first, and only then Partizan and antifascism!

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