Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Boston Beatdown: See the World Through Our Eyes - Volume II (2004)

Ronin Morris

Evo prilike da se podsetimo jednog zaista neuobičajenog dokumentarca o bostonskoj HCpunk sceni. Znači pored standardnih intervjua sa članovima bendova, ovde ćete moći da vidite i realne snimke brutalnih uličnih tuča, zatim nereda, haosa na krcatim koncertima, a tu je naravno i priča o tradicionalnom višedecenijskom rivalitetu sa NYC scenom. Dakle, ko ovo još nije pogledao zna se, jer film više liči na šokumentarac nego na klasičan music documentary. :)

"From the first punch to the last chord," Volume II delivers a non-stop, in your face, visual and auditory glimpse into the dark and violent world of underground hardcore and punk rock. Featuring live performances and interviews from such bands as Blood for Blood, Death Before Dishonor, and Righteous Jams, and featuring never-before-seen footage from bands such as Wrecking Crew, In My Eyes and Ten Yard Fight, this sequel DVD has, in many eyes, already proven itself to be the hardest and most graphic look at the hardcore scene ever. Backed with exclusive interviews by founding members of Boston's notorious F.S.U. gang and scored by a soundtrack of some of Boston's hardest music, Volume II, tells the story and history of Boston hardcore from past until present."


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