Wednesday, October 14, 2009

The Real Football Factories International - The Balkans

"In his trip to the Balkans, Dyer visits both Croatia and Serbia who fought one of the bloodiest civil wars in recent European history. A war which some believe began with the riot between fans of (Croatian club) Dinamo Zagreb and (Serbian club) Red Star Belgrade in May 1990. In Croatia he attends the biggest match in their footballing calendar, Hajduk Split vs Dinamo Zagreb in Split. He then sets off on a road formerly known as the Road of Brotherhood and Unity into Serbia, where he meets Partizan Belgrade’s hardcore Grobari (the Grave Diggers) ultras. Exclusive access is seen of a Grobari party, which involves food, drink, drugs, karaoke, and guns. One of the songs featured in this episode is AC/DC's Back in Black when showing highlights of the Grobari party." (45 min)

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djura11 said...

Jel ovo ona emisija u kojoj su Delije odbile da učestvuju?

son of man said...


Anonymous said...

gde da nadjem prevod za ovo?

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