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September Clues (2007)

Tekst iz 2009. godine :

Ovo je jedan skroz independent "amaterski" dokumentarac al' realno najludji od svih tih conspiracy 9/11 theory filmova koje sam pogledo do sad, jer naime ovde covek ladno pokusava da dokaze da avioni koji su navodno udarili u WTC nisu ni postojali, i da je sve to samo naknadno dodata kompijuterska animacija (i to jako losha) a da su WTC zapravo pogodile krstarece rakete. I zaista, na pocetku mi je to delovalo ko suluda teorija, ko potpuna nebuloza, jer kao navodno bilo je ocevidavca koji su i videli te avione, ALI...kako je film odmicao sve vise sam bio ubedjen da stvarno nigde nije bilo tih aviona, e sad naravno ostavljam svakom da prosudi solo, ali moram da napomenem da je ovo nesto najinteresantnije na tu temu sto sam gledao bas zbog tako sulude teorije koja bi mogla da bude vrlo realna uz sve ove ponudjene dokaze a i vala treba odati priznanje coveku koji je ovo budzio jer cete videti sa kolko je entuzijazma sve to odradio, znaci za nepoverovati, no to izvalite sami. Znaci prajsles materijal. Obavezno. (81 min)

"September Clues is a documentary film, apparently by someone called SocialService, which was released on in June 2007. The film presents a conspiracy theory relating to September 11 2001. In the film it is suggested that no airplanes hit the World Trade Center towers, and that all footage shown on the television news broadcasts, as well as the 36 known amateur clips that appeared afterwards, have been forged to create the impression of planes hitting the buildings. Part of the suggestion of the film is that missiles hit the World Trade Center, much in the same vein as other theories claim missiles hit the Pentagon and the Shanksville field. The main assertion is that the 5 major tv networks ran chroma-key techniques alongside real images to insert computer-generated plane images. It is pointed out that all local tv stations were blacked out as the second tower (with TV antenna) was hit. The film stresses that only simple, bi-dimensional silhouettes of planes were shown on the live broadcasts. It also points out that the 5 networks only showed a plane in motion yet not its actual impact in the tower - on live tv. All the other subsequent clips were shown on television with little or no reference to their purportedly amateur authors. These non-live videos, it is claimed, show significant discrepancies in speed, trajectories and angles of the plane silhouettes' impacts. One WNYW/Fox shot features a helicopter camera's view of a plane silhouette appearing in the bottom right of the screen, disappearing into the tower and re-emerging on the other side (albeit only with its front cockpit section). The claim of the author is that no aluminum plane can impact on a steel-frame building, thrust through its entire length, and emerge with its nosecone intact. The ensuing assumption is that the plane silhouette must have been a 2D computer generated image (CGI) which was edited into the shot without accounting for the helicopter's (and therefore camera's) sideway drift. The film also shows a fly-over plane over Manhattan at the exact moment of impact, suggesting this could have been deployed to induce many bystanders to report the presence of a real plane. By the end of the film, which mostly features high-resolution footage, two screenshots from NBC and CBS are compared. Both show a panoramic view of Manhattan, with the Empire State building in the immediate foreground. In one, the Empire State is on the left of the image while in the other it is on the right. Yet, the relative distance and perspective of all buildings in both backgrounds, are identical. Inversely, in other shots, the New York Verrazzano bridge (in the background) appears to be moving by several miles in spite of only slight shifts of the camera's viewing angles. This is claimed to challenge the laws of perspective, supporting the underlying thesis that the live footage was actually a multiple-layer video composite. In support of the latter claim, the film compares pairs of synchronized footage. On several occasions, helicopters appear to be flying over the towers on only one of the two broadcasts, suggesting the broadcasts were not truthful representations of the real-life events in Manhattan that day. Those helicopters, which in fact only appear to fly by at sustained speed from either side of the screen, are claimed to be CGI (computer generated imagery) overlays to make up for the chroma-keying needed to obscure/control the skyline of any give-away airborne objects. Real helicopters were, of course, slowly hovering around the towers that day - not just aimlessly speeding by as the ones seen on TV."



jonoshling said...

Hi son of man. Do you still have this one? Links are dead unfortunately.
Thanks for all your work and effort on this site, really great stuff!

son of man said...

September Clues (2007) - NEW LINK ADDED!

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