Thursday, January 5, 2012

The Black Sabbath Story, Vol. 2, 1978-1992

Martin Baker

Runtime: 47 min

Valja se na vreme pripremiti za predstojeći letnji koncert, na kojem se ja naravno pojaviti neću iz stanovitih razloga, al' kontam da ima ko 'oće te vam ga evo na. Inače, imate i prvi deo storije ovde, te operirajte, operrrriiiirajte!


"Volume 2 of The Black Sabbath Story covers the period subsequent to frontman Ozzy Osbournes departure, and his radical replacement by new vocalist Ronnie James Dio. After enjoying a renaissance with Dio, Sabbath then saw many changes to their line-up, with new personnel including such luminaries as Cozy Powell and Glenn Hughes. Performance footage and candid interviews (many previously unseen) give us the definitive picture of this somewhat tempestuous period in Sabbaths history. Extras, amongst others, include an hilarious contribution from Ian Gillan on this short tenure as Sabbath vocalist."

DIE YOUNG: Promo Video, filmed at the Rainbow Theatre London 1980.
NEON KNIGHTS: Promo Video, filmed at the Rainbow Theatre, London 1980.
TRASHED: Promo Video, filmed at the Montreal Forum, Canada1983.
ZERO THE HERO: Promo Video, filmed at the Montreal Forum, Canada 1983.
NO STRANGER TO LOVE: Promo Video, filmed in Los Angeles, USA 1986.
THE SHINING: Promo Video, filmed in London 1987
HEADLESS CROSS: Promo Video, filmed in Battle Abbey, England 1989.
FEELS GOOD TO ME: Promo Video, filmed in London & Los Angeles 1990.
TV CRIMES: Footage filmed at Rockfield Studios.



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