Saturday, January 7, 2012

The Son Of Man (1994) 12" - Merry Orthodox Christmas!

Today is Orthodox Christmas, but not all Orthodox Churches celebrates this religious holiday on this day, 7th of January, and that's just because od different usage of calendar. As we know, Greorgian calendar is genuine and most of the world celebrates New Year and Christmas by it. On the other side, Julian calendar is much, much older, it began in 54 BC, as a reform of the Roman calendar by Julius Caesar, and although it's not accurate it's still in use in some Churches, you can guess which. This is what Wiki sez about that "clash" between Eastern and Western Christian versions of time count:

"Although all Eastern Orthodox countries (most of them in Eastern or Southeastern Europe) had adopted the Gregorian calendar (or in the case of Greece, possibly the Revised Julian calendar) by 1927, their national churches had not. The "Revised Julian calendar" was proposed during a synod in Constantinople in May 1923, consisting of a solar part which was and will be identical to the Gregorian calendar until the year 2800, and a lunar part which calculated Pascha (Easter) astronomically at Jerusalem. All Orthodox churches refused to accept the lunar part, so almost all Orthodox churches continue to celebrate Pascha according to the Julian calendar (with the exception of the Estonian Orthodox Church and the Finnish Orthodox Church).

- Serbs are mostly Pagans but they will never admit that -

The solar part of the Revised Julian calendar was accepted by most Orthodox churches. Those that did accept it, with hope for improved dialogue and negotiations with the Western denominations, were the Ecumenical Patriarchate of Constantinople, the Patriarchates of Alexandria, Antioch, the Orthodox Churches of Greece, Cyprus, Romania, Poland, Bulgaria (the last in 1963), and the Orthodox Church in America (although some OCA parishes are permitted to use the Julian calendar). Thus these churches celebrate the Nativity on the same day that Western Christians do, 25 December Gregorian until 2800. The Orthodox Churches of Jerusalem, Russia, Serbia, Macedonia, Georgia, Ukraine, and the Greek Old Calendarists and other groups continue to use the Julian calendar."

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