Sunday, September 8, 2013

Comic Book Collector (1990)

Wayne Chesler

Runtime: 37 min

"In the late 80's, early 90's the instructional or educational vhs market was booming. These were the days before internet in the home market truly took off. One could find ainstructional video on any topic under the sun some being hosted by an celebrity. This video has the riddler himself, Frank Gorshin (being as charismatic and colorful as he always was even imitating Jack Nicholson in his joker persona), talking about comic book collecting and includes pieces on DC comics, Marvel comics, EC Comics and Archie comics. It also includes interviews with some of the most iconic faces in the comic book industry and price lists of the day (these of course need to be adjusted for inflation). It ends off with the indicators taken into account when determining the value of a specific comic book."


Unknown said...

tebra hteo sam da skinem ovaj o stripu ali kada sam kliknuo bacio me je na neku meni nepoznatu stranicu koja me tera da prihvatim neke njihove uslove pre nego li krene skidanje - jel to safe?

son of man said...

Ma šljaka sve fino, možda nisi registrovan, jedino mi to pada na pamet, aj probaj opet?

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