Monday, September 2, 2013

Support for Syria from the people of Serbia!

NATO mass murderers - HANDS OFF SYRIA!

Iskreno, jebe mi se za ovog Basara i ostale pičke političke, al' svakako treba stati u jedan front i podržati nevini narod Sirije koji će zasigurno najviše postradati u ovom sramotnom bombardovanju!

SERBIA 1999 - SYRIA 2013

Više informacija o budućim akcijama na fejsbuk stranici.


groovylounge said...


son of man said...

Điglo ga žnone ameru!

son of man said...

I'm sorry for your ignorance not to say stupidity, cause one day those bombs could arrive in your neighbourhood too. Think about it...

Anonymous said...

And yea bombs did arrive in my neighbourhood, do I see posts discrediting everything murderous chetniks stand for? No I dont, because you dont give a rats ass about the people. "Oh but I was at the anti Milosevic protests" you will say. Yes, when you realized he was not good for you and not because/when you realized destructive and murderous intent behind the politics. You even have a fascination towards genocidal dickheads, because you are after all a typical hipster.

Anonymous said...

Then I guess the main question here is:
What the fuck are you doing on this blog anonymous?
Watching out for possible future threats?
Making sure everybody knows who the good guys are?

Njegos Sumatic

Anonymous said...

Is the main "jebo" text really about Syria, or just another re-run of - guess what - the NATO attack against the Milosevic regime?
Why don't people just ask: should Chemical Assad be bombed, or not?
People whose only opinion is based on NATO bombing Serbia show far less interest in the Syrian people than the Americans.

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