Thursday, September 19, 2013

VBS Meets... Issei Sagawa (2010)

Santiago Stelley

Runtime: 34 min

Sa Issei Sagawom vaistinu nikad dosadno. Još jedan u nizu radova o ovom japanskom kanibalu selebritiju. Pored ovog pogledati i dokumentarce Issei Sagawa: Excuse Me For Living (1993), The Cannibal That Walked Free (2007) i skroz zanimljiv kratki igrani film Adoration (1986).

" meets the famed cannibal Issei Sagawa. Living in his native home of Japan, Issei Sagawa lives a life in freedom, exploring and expressing himself artistically through literature, art and media. His claim to fame? In 1981 Sagawa murdered, raped and ate the corpse of Renée Hartevelt over the course of 32 hours while studying in France. Eventually caught by French authorities when dumping the body by a local lake, he would only serve 2 years in the French prison system before being expelled back to Japan, where he was soon free to walk the streets, unfit to stand trial.

VBS gets a strikingly honest glimpse into the mind of Sagawa. His fame, his works and his own take on the murder is told with precise detail, devoid of emotion and regret. There are no opinions, no motives, the only narrative is Sagawa himself, giving the audience a chance to see the world through his eyes.

Originally released in 2 parts over 2 weeks, this file has been spliced and seamlessly connects the 2 parts together as one film. Only thing cut was a second disclaimer at the start of part 2, everything else is intact."

Warning: During the course of this documentary, there are a few glimpses of the autopsy photos of Renée Hartevelt in Sagawa's books.


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