Friday, September 6, 2013

Island (2008)

Ryan Sullivan

Runtime: 66 min

"Here's the ticket, The Hardcore Gay porn documentary "Island". It's the one of the greatest documentaries on porn period that you will NEVER see... because it's about gay porn. It also is disturbing as hell, and belongs in the category of things you can't unsee and subjects you can't unsubject yourself to. It's a dreamy, fucked up "wizard of OZ" like first person narrative documentary which may or may not be true. I actually know some of the actual people involved in the "story" and i STILL don't know if the events that take place in this film happen the way that they are displayed. If they did... Those people are FUCKED... UP!!

There's lots of graphic homosexual sex in this but it's definitely not presenting to arouse. Treasure Island Media, is one of the most controversial gay porn companies, if not THE most controversal gay porn company. Here in San Francisco, They are the top "gonzo" studio producing "fringe" or "fetish" porn in the taboo marketplace of "bareback" pornography. Meaning condomless porn. They do not use condoms on their dicks. They take it a step further and have produced gems such as "Dawsons 50 Load weekend" (Gay man takes 50 dick wad loads up his ass over the course of a weekend) to the Damon blows America series (I've worked with Damon... he's called Damon dogg for a reason... he loves animals-he is featured heavily here). We're talking video of collecting 1000 dudes seminal fluid and then getting a big Siphon and then pouring over a gallon of semen in some dudes asshole which has been fucked sore. No one knows what the Founder and CEO of this company looks like... he is like the Claw from Inspector gagget. So there's some rich history in here.

The atmosphere Sullivan creates is one that is thick with imminent despair. Filmmaker Ryan Sullivan opens up the film with a little story about his brother who was kicked out of their rual Nebraska home for being gay after a parent found a gay porno. The gay porno in question belonged to the Treasure Island Media group...which as an adult Ryan decides to find out more about. While searching for answers and the mysterious founder of the company, Paul Morris, who keeps his face pretty well hidden, Ryan stumbles upon a job, a bunch of fucked up porn stars screwing shit up and some gay sex film shennanigans caught on tape that will leave you feeling as if your uncle touched your butthole with your fathers sawed off hand while at the petting zoo. A deeper story develops when Ryans biggest discovery is revealed... the brother he has spent years missing is alive and HIV poz and making hardcore pornography, having sex with a random men blindfolded left and right and doesn't give a fuck. Ryan wants to immediately reach out to brother, but the man behind the scenes, Treasure Island head honcho Paul Morris has more sinister plans.

Kid's...from that point does not get better. It get's worse. Here are some stills.. but better yet, snatch up this emotionally manipulative, yet beautifully broken porn documentary and I suggest you pair it with the documentary "Tarnation"...and then attempt to NOT shoot yourself afterwards. Enjoy."


Rasho, pozz said...

koliko je dobro! hvala na ovome. ne znam sto se ljudi toliko gade ovog filma, pola sata na 4chan-u mi je gadnije. film je afirmacija zivota, ako ishta. divim se svim ovim ljudima iz TIMa, rade ono sto vole, i to rade bez zadrske.
bizarniji mi je ovaj decko sto je snimao film. sto ga je uopste i snimao.
nisu mi bili jasni njegovi motivi. mislim da je navucen na fenomen fotografije. odnosno mislim da je sve kljucne poteze povukao iz razloga da bi se to zabelezilo na kameri. u smislu- ljudi su sleteli na mesec zato da bi se to snimilo. sad, da li su sleteli i de su sleteli, nije bitno, glavno da je zabelezeno na kameri. ocu da kazem stvari se rade da bi se fotografisale

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