Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Happy birthday grandpa Charlie! :)

Dear Grandpa, happy 79th birthday!
You will outlive them all! :)

Dragi deko, srećan 79. rođendan (malo li je) žele ti tvoji unučići! :)

For Charlie's birthday, this year instead of overrated Cuban cigars I'm specially opening Russian "prison cigarettes" that my friend brought me back from Moscow. As you can see the filter is almost twice the size of the part with tobacco, and it's hollow, so the filter doesn't really exist, it's just an empty hole through which you can inhale tobacco. That kind of filter is designed so that prisoners from one filter very easy can make few more small filters, so that when they run out of purchased cigarettes, they can roll tobacco or some other rollable plants, Awesome, isn't it? :)

"The PRISON let MANSON go to DISNEYLAND for his B-DAY!!!

And that's me smoking this controversial Russian cigarete. I look like Richard Kuklinski in small dosage on this photo, don't I? ;)


Anonymous said...

Koju to vakcinu u mladosti nisi primio?

son of man said...

Bogme samo kitu nisam primio u mladosti, al' zato vidim da ti i te kako jesi, o da, evo tačno se vidi kako ti strasno isijava iz očiju! :)

Anonymous said...

Ahhahahahah...tvoja reakcija je ocekivana...:-) Komentar je uspeo.

son of man said...

Ih, pa kad to na ovom blogu komentar upućen meni nije uspeo? :D

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