Saturday, November 23, 2013


Posted by admin at Nikolas's request.

"As many of you know, the worldwide mass media are having a field day with the shallow and salacious "Is Charles Manson Getting Married?" stupidity featured in this week's EXTREMELY deceptive profile on Charles Manson by "journalist" Erik Hedegaard. I find it particularly irresponsible that Hedegaard exploited Star's trusting generosity to him and wrongly characterized her as a Susan Atkins lookalike and potential murderer, which is malicious nonsense the media is now spreading to its constituency of idiots.

Mr. Hedegaard interviewed me in Los Angeles last year after ordering The Manson File: Myth and Reality of an Outlaw Shaman. He told me in elaborate credible detail that Rolling Stone had specifically assigned him to expose Bugliosi's lies in Helter Skelter. He asked me for leads and areas to investigate, and I provided them to him in depth. Manson himself was (correctly) sceptical about Hedegaard's good intentions, but based on the the writer's proposal to 'expose Bugliosi's lies' (concealing his true intentions), I suggested to Manson that he should meet him, which I now regret.

Another associate of mine was present during Hedegaard's meeting with Manson. This person immediately saw that Hedegaard was pursuing the same old crap journalists always spew on this subject and was not at all fulfilling the promises he made to those of us he used to make contact with Manson. He confronted Hedegaard on his hypocrisy and not surprisingly, none of this was mentioned in the cowardly and evasive article that appeared.

I will speak further on the subject of the media's deceptive tactics in a forthcoming interview TBA soon, but thought that those of you who read the Rolling Stone feature should be informed of its unreliability. NS"


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