Friday, November 1, 2013

20 GIFs Proving Russia Is The Most Bizarre Place On Earth

20 gifova koji objašnjavaju zašto su Srbi samo sitne ribe u ovom moru plavom pored Rusa a tu se kao nešto kurčimo i talasamo večito, dakle obrati pažnju...mada ćeraćemo se mi još, ni ruska neće goreti do zore, dohakaćemo mi i njima ko što smo mnogima, nek se sete samo '48, neka, neka...

"In the past we’ve looked the Russia’s space program propaganda, their thrilling landmarks, their peculiar online social networks, their sexy pin-up models, their brutal criminals. But as of yet, we’ve never really shown you what daily life is like in Russia, how even the most normal of scenarios can suddenly become utterly terrifying and out of control. This collection of GIFs bring to life all the weird, wonderful and scary situations that anyone, at any given point to find themselves right in the middle of."


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