Monday, November 25, 2013


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"The Performa 13 event Frank Haines presents Zeena Schreck: Live from the Eye of the Storm was a must-see. The November 8th one-night-only event did not disappoint [...] Jingling bells and padded footsteps echoed in the darkness. The curtains silently parted, dramatically revealing an electrified, vermilion environment. Dead center, with hands held in the Mudra position, stood the seemingly twenty-foot tall goddess Zeena. With a painted gong behind her, Bharoocha and Hermund adorned her sides. Bharoocha lit incense that swept through the audience as Zeena’s commanding gaze pierced us all (everyone I talked to after the show swore she was staring directly at them) [...] Zeena towered over us in a powerful, haute couture black vestment designed by Ohne Titel. [...] Seamlessly, a sound and voice collage emerged from the trio. Zeena began by activating a large singing bowl. As she began to chant in an unidentifiable language, musicians Bharoocha and Hermund masterfully maintained the rhythm. With Hermund staring straight ahead and Bharoocha’s eyes closed, both seemed deep in trance. The healing process of sound and vibration washed over me and I relaxed into the spellbinding show. What initially seemed like songs, I learned was a series of mantras. Each psalm mandated a new combination of auxiliary percussion instruments. I’ve never heard so many different types used in a single performance–mesmerized the congregation [...] The entire ritual lasted approximately 45 minutes and I left with a bewildering calm, peace, and awe [...] As for seeing Zeena again, the notion strikes that this was a once-in-a-lifetime occurrence. I must let whatever vibrations I absorbed from the High Priestess feed me for as long as possible.''


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