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No Direction Home: Bob Dylan (2005)

Martin Scorsese

 Odlichan dokumentarac Martina Scorsezea o meni omiljenim ranim radovima Boba Dylana dok je bio klinac - folk genije, pure i clean skroz i nije imao rok bend iza sebe i tripovo svashta. Znachi chista akustika, milina jedna. Samo za prave fanove, mada kako ga je Skorseze nabudzio moze se gleda masovno, pa ga zato preporuchujem i onima koji nisu tolko upoznati sa Dylanovom muzikom i josh jachim tekstovima. E to je za mene chist pank : pesme poput Blowin' in the wind, Hard rain, Mr. Tambourin Man, Only a Pawn in their game, The times are changin', Masters of war itd. 3 sata traje ovo ludilo pa ko voli nek izvoli. Bob Dylan prvi panker i prvi koji je ujedno i izdo pank a sve to moze da se vidi u ovom filmu. Awesome.

No Direction Home is a documentary film by Martin Scorsese that traces the life of Bob Dylan, and his impact on American popular music and culture of the 20th century. The film does not cover Dylan’s entire career; rather, it focuses on his beginnings, his rise to fame in the 1960s, his transformation from an acoustic guitar-based musician and performer to an electric guitar-influenced sound and his “retirement” from touring in 1966 following an infamous motorcycle accident. The film was first presented on television in both the United States (as part of the PBS American Masters series) and the United Kingdom (as part of the BBC Two Arena series) on September 26–27 2005. A DVD version of the film and accompanying soundtrack album (The Bootleg Series Vol. 7: No Direction Home: The Soundtrack) were released that same month.

The project eventually titled as No Direction Home began to take shape in 1995 when Dylan’s manager, Jeff Rosen, began scheduling interviews with Dylan’s friends and associates. Among those interviewed were poet Allen Ginsberg and folk musician Dave Van Ronk, both of whom died before the film was ever completed. Dylan’s old girlfriend Suze Rotolo also granted a rare interview, and she later told Rolling Stone Magazine that she was very pleased with the project’s results. Dylan himself also sat for ten hours in a relaxed and open conversation with Rosen in 2000.

According to Rolling Stone magazine, an unnamed source close to the project claimed that Dylan himself had no involvement with the project apart from the interview, saying that “[Dylan] has no interest in this . . . Bob truly does not look back.” However, work on the first installment of Dylan’s autobiography, Chronicles, Vol. 1, did overlap production of the project, though it’s unclear how much, if any, influence Chronicles may have had on No Direction Home.

Though raw material was being gathered for the project, Rosen needed someone to edit and shape it into a quality picture, and celebrated filmmaker Martin Scorsese was approached to ‘direct’ the documentary planned from the project. Scorsese eventually agreed and came aboard in 2001.

In the meantime, Dylan’s office gathered hundreds of hours of historical film footage dating from the time covered in No Direction Home. These included a scratchy recording of Dylan’s high school rock band, his 1965 screen test for Andy Warhol, and newly-discovered footage of the famous Manchester Free Trade Hall concert from May 17, 1966, when an angry fan John Cordwell, called out “Judas!” just before Dylan and the Hawks performed “Like A Rolling Stone.” Shot by D.A. Pennebaker, the onstage, color footage was found in 2004 in a pile of water-damaged film recovered from Dylan’s vaults.

No Direction Home received a Peabody Award in 2006, and a Columbia-duPont Award in January 2007.

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