Friday, July 24, 2009

Most Evil s02e07 - Attention Seekers

"Some killers seek credit for their crimes. They play cat-and-mouse games with police, leave calling cards at crime scenes, and even send letters to newspapers. In each case, the quest for infamy leaves a devastating trail of destruction. From New York City's infamous "Son of Sam" to the terrifying spree of the DC Snipers, what causes some people to choose murder as a means to notoriety? With groundbreaking science on the origins of malignant narcissism, Dr. Stone profiles three murderers whose need for glory and control led them to incredible evil."

Download :

Pass : abraxas365


Mad Mike said...

Hi! Link 3 and 4 not working ! Help pls. Thx

son of man said...

Just tested, links are working, try from here :

Mad Mike said...

Yes..thank you dear serbian friend...your file sharing works fine.You have a wonderful collection of documentaries. i am also a fan of "most evil",i am going to download more from you, for that i will like to say thank you for all in advance. Srećno!

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