Monday, July 20, 2009

Most Evil s03e02 - Super Delusional

"Killers, plagued by madness and driven by delusions and false beliefs. Their minds make irrational connections that result in horrifying acts of evil. In this hour, Dr. Michael Stone explores the twisted minds of killers that create false realities that will lead to violence. He examines the cases of Michael Owen Perry, a man obsessed with Olivia Newton John and overwhelmed by mental illness leading him to murder five family members; Joseph Kallinger, who believed he was on a mission from God that will ultimately drive him to rape, torture and murder; and Michael McDermott, who went on a workplace shooting spree after claiming his co-workers were Nazis. Dr. Stone explores the nature of delusions and how they impact a killer's ranking on his scale of evil."

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Anonymous said...

that is totally me in the 12:51 frame. lawl i never thought i'd find this. thanks!

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