Thursday, September 9, 2010

The Riverman (2004)

Bill Eagles

"Seattle's "Green River Killer" continues his reign of terror: woman after woman dies, and authorities don't have a single lead. Desperate police finally enlist hardened criminology professor Bob Keppel to help solve the case: Keppel tracked serial killer Ted Bundy during his killing spree ten years earlier. Bundy, now on Death Row in Florida, contacts Keppel offering to find the killer he's dubbed "The Riverman" in hope that he'll get a stay of execution. Keppel's wife is dead set against Keppel reopening that door, since it almost destroyed him emotionally the first time. Nonetheless, Keppel begins a series of psychologically gruelling interviews with his old nemesis; in essence using Bundy, who has never confessed to his guilt, as his profiler... as Clarice Starling was forced to use Hannibal Lecter in "The Silence of the Lambs". In that process, we flash back to Bundy's murders and dramatize his bloodthirsty techniques. Keppel becomes obsessed with the case and with Bundy, eventually coercing Bundy into confessing to the murders of eight women still listed as missing from his reign of terror. Starring Bruce Greenwood and Kathleen Quinlan as the Keppels and Cary Elwes as Ted Bundy, this 2004 motion picture demonstrates that to catch a killer you must understand evil ...or be evil!" (91 min)


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