Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Ted Bundy audio tapes

25 audio snimka u mp3 formatu, gde Bundy opisuje neka od svojih ubistva, zatim otkriva muriji lokacije na kojima je sakrivao tela žrtava, i još tako neka ćaskanja.

Here are 25 audio files of Ted Bundy describing his various murders, telling police how he hid bodies, and other misc. items.

01. Ted Bundy, in interviews with Bob Keppel in January of 1989, tries to persuade detectives that he has valuable information and they should think twice about trying to have him executed.

02. Bundy gives Keppel an example of the type of important information he possesses.

03. Bundy tries to describe where police should be able to find a body.

04. Bundy talks about Georgann Hawkins, a Seattle woman abducted in the spring 1974.

05. Bundy said he tried to make it hard for detectives to figure out Georgann Hawkins' identity.

06. Bundy talks about what detectives could expect to find at a dumpsite.

07. Bundy explains how he abducted Georgann Hawkins from behind her sorority at the University of Washington in Seattle.

08. Bundy gives more details about Hawkins' abduction.

09. Bundy talks about his recollections of transporting Hawkins to the Cascades outside Issaquah.

10. Bundy talks about killing Georgann Hawkins.

11. Bundy talks about the effects the killing had on him immediately afterwards.

12. Bundy talks about his burning desire to get rid of evidence linking him to the murder.

13. Bundy reveals information he says only the killer would know.

14. Bundy describes his return to the scene of the abduction to remove evidence left behind that could identify the victim as Georgann Hawkins.

15. He tells police that he nearly abducted another UW student, but then changed his mind.

16. Bundy declines to answer a question about necrophilia.

17. Bundy answers a question about whether he buried some victims.

18. Bundy tells detectives where they can look for the remains of Donna Gail Manson, a 19-year-old Evergreen State College student who disappeared on March 12, 1974. Her body was never found.

19. Bundy explains he sometimes got drunk, making it difficult to recall details of some crimes.

20. Bundy, in another bid to avoid execution, tries to convince detectives of the value of information he has -- that he alone has key facts to solve cases.

21. Bundy offers reasons why he thinks it's in everyone's interest to give him more time and to spare him the death penalty.

22. Bundy offers more reasons why his execution should be delayed.

23. Nearing exhaustion, with his execution just hours away, he explains what he did with some of the remains.

24. Keppel gets Bundy to reveal how he disposed of a victim's remains where he was living.

25. Bundy describes in more detail what he did with the remains.

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