Sunday, December 25, 2011

Hexenhammer Demos 2011

I want to present you a really great demo produced by the guy named Tarl Warwick for his one-man band, Hexenhammer. He started this project in August of 2011. The genre is dark ritual/dark ambient, and the main influences came from the cult Nikolas Schreck band, Radio Werewolf, and Hexentanzm. There is also something that Tarl maybe didn't realise. If you listened to early Laibach (1980 - 1986), their best and prolific period of work, you'll hear some kind of that sound here, and Tarl maybe never listened to those first few abums and 7 inches of Laibach, which was the most inflenced and contraversal industrial band in early 80's, but it's obvious that there is some kind of conection, esspecialy with sound of their masterpiece album "Nova Akropola" from 1985.

On the other side, Tarl declares himself openly as Satanist, so any description of the music should include the fact that it is definitely dark, Satanic music for an occult purpose. The main goal of this kind of music is the same as for Radio Werewolf - it's a spiritual occultism which is designed to make use of people's psychologies to exact change upon the listener and upon the world itself through sound. In the upcoming month or so Tarl will probably make a second four-track demo album. After that he'll purchase a drum machine and some better mixing software and probably begin making higher quality material. He may release several singles as well along with the second demo. And believe me, if you really like Radio Wererwolf and such bands, you will just LOVE THIS for sure, cause I get this demo yesterday and this is the 4th time that I'm listening to it, so it's very, very good, and I honestly recommend you to download it, and hear for the begining just a first song "Behold the Darkness", cause other songs are instrumentals, and doesn't buy you on the first listening, but more you listen to it, the more you'll like it. So remember this name, Hexenhammer, cause I'm sure you will hear for it again in next few years, and this "demo" got definitively ABRAXAS seal of approval, so check it out, do not hesistate!

1. Behold the Darkness
2. Broadcasting the Werewolf
3. Power of the Left Hand Path
4. The Cry of Dresden

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