Tuesday, December 13, 2011

NON – God & Beast (1997)

1. God And Beast
2. Between Venus & Mars
3. Millstones
4. The Coming Forth
5. The Law
6. Lucifer, The Morning Star
7. Out Out Out
8. Phoenix
9. Total War


Δημήτρης said...

out of pure curiosity(since you're a fan too),which is your favorite boyd rice album?
i'd say scorpion wind-heaven sent and non-blood and flame.
though i have to admit that god and beast has perhaps the best production rice ever had.
btw,how come you have a PAOK banner in your blog,since you hate football?

son of man said...

Jasas my brother,
Blood and Fame definitely.
And yes, I really hate football but I like GATE 4, and this banner is not about football, it's about ANTIFA PAOK supporters. ;)

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