Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Number Nine - demos (2011)

"Darko Orešković, musician from Croatia, started making atmospheric soundscapes (dark atmosphere, ambient, spiritual) in 2011 under the name Number Nine. The main goal of this kind of music is spiritual occultism which is designed to make use of people's psychologies to exact change upon the listener and upon the world itself through sound."

Preview of the songs you can listen on soundcloud.com.

01. The Boleskine House - Song for The Damned Children
02. Falling
03. Nameless
04. Stare
05. We're gonna link it later
06. The Cellar Door
07. Shadow Dancin'
08. Circumcision Of The Heart
09. Trinity
10. Hello
11. Channeling
12. Interference
13. Fragmented Tears
14. Strange Attractor


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