Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Behind the Music - Megadeth (2001)

"Behind the Music details the tumultuous life and career of hard rock pioneer Dave Mustaine and his band, Megadeth. Kicked out of Metallica, the band he co-founded, in 1982, the guitarist/vocalist got his revenge by forming Megadeth. His mission statement for his new group: to be the fastest, utmost furious heavy metal band ever. But if anybody embodied the philosophy : "live hard, play hard" - it was Mustaine, who battled heroin addiction for nearly 10 years. Five line-ups, 16 trips to rehab, one near-death experience, and more than 20 million albums later, Megadeth have more than made their mark in metal." (76 min)


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Anonymous said...

izgleda vrlo zanimljivo. :)

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