Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Laibach - Anglia (2006) 12"

Single: Anglia
Release Date: 9th October 2006

"Anglia was the best choice for launching the album; it's a really good track and had the strongest recognisable Laibach sound of the album so had the bonus of announcing their return while introducing the new style of Volk. Anglia is quite blunt in its message that basically suggests the UK is stuck in the past when it comes to world politics. If there were any doubts then the promotional video and cover for the single would settle it and also gave some clues what may have shaped their conclusion. In the Volk album sleevesnotes there are a number of quotations that adds to their point however those in the UK will likely feel somewhat defensive. Interesting that they use the Latin name for England rather than Britannia, maybe Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales are excused in their overall view of the actions of the UK. The track open with classical music playing in the distance before a distinctively Laibach style bass and percussions kicks in, Milan opens the singing with Boris mainly concentrating on the chorus and it all comes together really well. The video is a bit gruesome though. Also featured on the single is Espana and some remixes of the tracks, which are much more up-tempo. The cover is a drawing by Dejan Knez when he was around five or six years old."

1. Anglia
2. España
3. Anglia - Sanctus Mix
4. España - El Toreador Mix
5. Anglia - Crushed Mix


Anonymous said...

FULLLLL!!! me tramó este trabajo.
gracias por compartirlo.
un abrazo

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