Thursday, April 29, 2010

Johnny Cash: The Unauthorised Biography (2005)

"The real story of America's most beloved music icon. A first of its kind, JOHNNY CASH: THE UNAUTHORISED BIOGRAPHY is a visual journey through the life of the man and his music. An in-depth exploration of all the facets of a truly larger-than-life 'walking contradiction', from the comical to the deeply religious, to the darkest side of the The Man in Black. This DVD includes exclusive photos and footage from his childhood home in Dyess, Arkansas to his early concerts. Plus a never-before-seen film of his White House performance for US President Richard Nixon, and much more." (76 min)

1. The Beginning
2. Brother Jack's Accident
3. Johnny joins the Air Force
4. Back in Memphis
5. Blue Suede Shoes
6. The move to California
7. Thrashing hotels
8. Amphetamines take their toll

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rashomon said...

Ово ни не видох, Растко ми је отео сву пажњу:) Јесте да Walk the Line није документарац али мислим да је све најбитније ту речено, супер филм. Ваљда овде има још нечег интерсантног...

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