Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Sprout Wings and Fly (1984)

Les Blank
Cece Conway
Alice Gerrard

"82-year-old Appalachian fiddler Tommy Jarrell keeps that bluegrass coming and the good whiskey flowing, amid a panoply of backwoods characters and a celebration of native folkways."

"The reason that people like this music is not because it's bluegrass, it's because it's Old-Time Music. Old-Time was the communal, front porch music that was popular between the Revolutionary and Civil Wars. By the advent of the 1900s, only a few rural musicians persisted in playing "the old way". Bluegrass actually corrupted old-time music, converting it into more of a performance art and feeding egos with solos. Luckily, Old-Time Music lovers in the 1970s and 1980s were able to visit legendary fiddlers like Tommy Jarrell of Toast, NC, who opened his home to whoever wanted to come and learn his style of fiddling. Les Blank's wonderful film paints a portrait of Tommy and his family, and many of the young musicians who visited him and became his friend. Tommy was quirky, gregarious and generous, and this film shows him at his best, in fine fiddling form." (30 min)


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HEAVY said...

Kao i sve od Les Blank-a i ovo je MUST WATCH!

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