Friday, October 31, 2008

Going to Pieces: The Rise and Fall of the Slasher Film (2006)

Odlichan dokumentarac al' samo za prave ljubitelje old school sleshera iz 70-ih i 80-ih. U filmu govore glavni reditelji ovog horor podzanra poput Wes Cravena, Johna Carpentera, pa sve do nove ekipe na chelu sa Rob Zombiem. Pocevshi od '78 i "Halloweena" kao kultnog zachetnika ovog talasa dokumentarac obradjuje svaki bitniji film, poput "Friday the 13th", "Prom Night" i "Happy birthday to me", "Nightmare on the Elm street" a zavrshava se sa "Scream" i tim novim talasom slesher horora koji se polako ali sigurno vraca na velika vrata.


"Terrific little documentary which traces the evolution of the slasher subgenre. It is informative and entertaining. The starting point is John Carpenter's seminal "Halloween", with quick looks into older films like "Psycho" and 'Bay of Blood", and the current flock of new slashers. In the documentary, you will see most of the directors that are associated with these kinds of films talk about how they really feel about a much-maligned movie subngre. You will also see endless clips of the most popular and interesting slashers film of the 1970s, 1980s and beyond (anything from "When a Stranger Calls", "Prom Night" and "Pieces", to "The Silence of the Lambs" and "Scream"). The program addresses the claims that this type of movie is inherently misogynic and amoral. For example, the film shows parts of an old 'Siskel & Ebert' program that was dedicated to belittle the slasher subgenre; this in another example of the rampant elitism in film criticism. Not long ago, Bill O'Reilly said that only sick people would want to see movies like "Saw" and "Hills Have Eyes", and his comments reminded me that there are still people out-there who simply do not get it. What I like about this documentary is that it does not preach but explains why slashers appeal to a vast majority of horror aficionados. The documentary does omit a few important titles, but overall, this is an effective dissection (no pun intended) of a type of film. Highly recommended to horror fans."

Ed Green ... Narrator
Malek Akkad ... Himself
Lilyan Chauvin ... Herself
Wes Craven ... Himself
Sean S. Cunningham ... Himself
Herb Freed ... Himself
Chela Johnson ... Herself
Amy Holden Jones ... Herself
Jeff Katz ... Himself
Paul Lynch ... Himself
Harry Manfredini ... Himself
Armand Mastroianni ... Himself
Gregory Nicotero ... Himself
J. Robert Oppenheimer ... Himself
Betsy Palmer ... Herself
Felissa Rose ... Herself
Tom Savini ... Himself
Anthony Timpone ... Himself
Fred Walton ... Himself
Stan Winston ... Himself
Joseph Zito ... Himself
Rob Zombie ... Himself
Rita Mae Brown ... Herself
Christa Campbell ... Herself
John Carpenter ... Himself
Aine Leicht ... Herself
Gage Leicht ... Himself



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