Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Laibach & Last Few Days - De Kapel Concert 30.11.1983.

Butleg koncerta Laibacha i Last Few Days snimljen u klubu "De Kapel" 30. novembra 1983. u Hagu tokom te prve evropske turneje. Kasnije je Laibachov deo koncerta uvrsten na A stranu oficijelnog kasetnog izdanja Laibach -Through the Occupied Netherlands (1983). Nazalost nemam omot butlega, ovo gore je plakat sa te turneje. Al' zato evo dole pojashnjenja lika koji je bio organizator koncerta a uradio je i ovaj rip butlega sa kasete.

"De kapel (the chappel) used to be the chappel of a catholic orphanage before i started to organize 'art events' there in 1983 - as it was from the early seventies on part of a youthclub called 'paard van troje' (trojan horse) in the hague, the netherlands.the last few days concert contains one extra blip that originates from r.'s refrigerator, whom i gratefully thank for ripping the original cassette. i purposely left it there, giving the former members of lfd the chance to eventually release it officially.the laibach concert was somewhere in the eighties released by staalplaat on cassette."


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