Monday, November 23, 2009

Nazis: The Occult Conspiracy (1998)

Tracy Atkinson
Joan Barron

Odličan film. Pored ovog valja pogledati i genijalan dokumentarac Ričarda Stenlija o potrazi nacista za svetim gralom : The Secret Glory (2001). (104 min)

"Astrology. Reincarnation. A new blood religion. In this chilling yet fascinating glimpse at recent historical events, discover how Nazi beliefs were based on a perversion of ancient myths, pagan lore and the occult. In their quest to create an Aryan superace, the Nazis left no myth or religion unexploited using astrological forecasts to plan battles; pendulums to locate allied battleships; the prophesies of Nostradamus to frighten the Allies, and sacred symbols, such as Nordic runes, to inspire their warriors to battle. Nazis: The Occult Conspiracy explores the disturbing ways the Third Reich linked occult practices with political aims and created a reign of terror unparalleled in history."

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TripAtBrain said...

Evo i prevoda za ovo...

Hvala za deljenje,dobar dokitj:)

son of man said...

Fala tebi za prevod ;)

Bob Clarkson said...

fala obojici :D

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