Sunday, June 19, 2011

Addiction (2007)

Runtime : 86 min

Evo omnibus dokumentarca koji sam vam obećao, a čiju najavu tj. segment South Boston Drug Court (2007) ste već imali prilike da vidite, ali zbog toga što je malo duži nije ušao u ovih 86 minuta. Inače, omnibus je odlično urađen, jako je edukativan kada je u pitanju ovisnost i nova stremljena u lečenju narkomanije. Sastoji se od 9 segmenata i svaki traje po 10-ak minuta, taman da se ispriča ono što treba. Najtoplije preporučujem jer zaista se radi o vrhunskim autorima dokumentarnih filmova i jako bitnim temama.


"Through the lenses of several highly accomplished documentary filmmakers, the current state of addiction in America is explored in nine segments, punctuated by the latest thinking on treatment and recovery by leading experts on drug and alcohol addiction.

The segments include:
Saturday Night in a Dallas ER, directed by Jon Alpert
At Parkland Memorial Hospital, there are over 30,000 injury-related visits to the emergency room every year - nearly half of which involve drugs or alcohol.

A Mother's Desperation, directed by Susan Froemke and Albert Maysles
In Pittsburgh, a middle-age woman turns to police as a last resort to save her 23-year-old daughter Aubrey.

The Science of Relapse, directed by Eugene Jarecki and Susan Froemke
Researchers enlist addicts to participate in a study investigating the brain's response to drug cues.

The Adolescent Addict, directed by Kate Davis and David Heilbroner
At 10, Dylan's biological father left his family. Now 15, Dylan has a drug problem.

Brain Imaging, directed by Liz Garbus, produced by Rory Kennedy
The ability to look inside the brain through electronic imaging has yielded many advances in the study of addiction.

Opiate Addiction: A New Medication, directed by Chris Hegedus and D.A. Pennebaker
In the '60s, methadone was found to be successful in treating addiction to opiates like heroin. More recently, buprenorphine has taken the treatment one step further.

Topiramate: A Clinical Trial for Alcoholism, directed by Alan Raymond, produced by Susan Raymond
An estimated 17 million Americans suffer from alcohol- use disorders, but only 13% are being treated with medication proven to be effective.

Steamfitters Local Union 638, directed by Barbara Kopple
For years, Don Perks had a reputation as one of the steamfitter union's hardest workers - and one of its biggest drinkers. After a series of close calls, Don finally turned his life around, and decided to help other union members with drinking problems.

Insurance Woes, directed by Susan Froemke
Among the most troubling issues facing addicts and their families today is that of insurance: many insurance policies for individuals and companies simply don't cover long-term treatment of drug addiction."



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