Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Issei Sagawa: Excuse Me For Living (1993)

Nigel Evans
Yoshi Tezuka

Runtime: 50 min

Svi koji ste uživali uz The Cannibal that Walked Free (2007) ne propustite ni ovaj raritetni dokumentarac, gde naš junak, Issei Sagawa, priča o svom životu, svojim kanibalističkim fantazijama, bestseler knjigama koje je objavio, i o tome kako je postao celebrity u Japanu.

"A filmed biography of Issei Sagawa, the Japanese student who shot his Dutch girlfriend, cut her up with a meat carver and boiled the remains. He then ate her. Several months later he was declared insane. While in a psychiatric hospital in France he wrote an account of his crime `In the Fog' which sold 200,000 copies. The French released him in 1984 on the condition that he remained in a mental hospital in Japan. One year later the Japanese hospital released him. Since then he has written five books on crime and is a minor celebrity lionised by the avant garde. Sagawa speaks extensively in the programme and reads passages from his books."



l'innommable said...

Issei Sagawa's "In the Fog" (translated!) can be read here:

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