Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Nikolas Schreck rides again - Novi sajt Nikolasa Šreka !

Posle 2 decenije totalne ilegale, Nikolas Šrek, vokal legendarnih Radio Werewolf, pisac žešće zajebanih knjiga poput Demons of the Flesh: The Complete Guide to Left-Hand Path Sex Magic, i autor ubedljivo najboljeg dokumentarca o Čarliju Mensonu, Charles Manson Superstar, konačno se vraća na javnu scenu svojim internet sajtom. Naravno, on i dalje ostaje u senci zbog svog neopozivog stava da internet od ljudi pravi još zatucaniju stoku nego što ona to zapravo jeste, tako da je angažovao dvojicu svojih učenika da naprave ovaj sajt, a sve u cilju navodne dobrobiti svih nas, ovisnika o digitalnim tehnologijama.

Jedini način da lično kontaktirate Šreka je poštom, dakle pismom, pa ko ima ta jaja nek proba:

Nikolas Schreck
Postfach 120452
10594 Berlin

"Nikolas Schreck is a multi-media magician, musician, author, film-maker, and religious teacher. This web site, maintained and up-dated by two of his students, is the only authorized online guide to his work.

Schreck’s initiatory application of the arts began in 1984 when he returned to the West from a life-changing spiritual pilgrimage in Egypt to found the shapeshifting musical ensemble Radio Werewolf.

His artistic and spiritual collaboration with his consort Zeena commenced in 1988, when she became Radio Werewolf’s co-director.

Their ritual recordings The Fiery Summons, The Lightning and the Sun, Songs for the End of the World, Bring Me the Head of Geraldo Rivera! A Benediction in Four Movements, Witchcraft/Boots: A Tribute to the Sinatras, and Love Conquers All. are experiments in sonic magic designed to alter human consciousness and trigger specific long-range changes in the material universe.

Until 1999, the Schrecks led the magical resistance movement, esoteric research network and radical ecology faction known outwardly as The Werewolf Order.

Nikolas Schreck is the author of The Manson File: Myth and Reality of an Outlaw Shaman (2011) Demons of the Flesh: The Complete Guide to Left Hand Path Sex Magic, (2002) co-authored with Zeena, Flowers from Hell: A Satanic Reader (2001), The Satanic Screen: An Illustrated Guide to the Devil in Cinema, (2001) and the first edition of The Manson File (1988).

His documentary film Charles Manson Superstar (1989) features an extensive interview with Manson held in San Quentin Prison. Schreck’s other screen appearances range from the sublime Usher (Curtis Harrington, 2002) to the ridiculous Mortuary Academy (Michael Schroder, 1988).

A Tantric Buddhist in the Karma Kagyu lineage, Nikolas Schreck is one of the clergy of the Sethian Liberation Movement, a Gnostic religious body and higher intelligence agency dedicated to the liberation of all sentient beings. Zeena has served as SLM’s spiritual guide since its 2002 inception.

Nikolas is currently in the studio recording a series of solo albums. His forthcoming books include a trilogy of historical novels."


Ruby said...

Nikolas, Manson is sending your mail you sent to him out to me and a lot of people. He has written on your letters making fun of you and calls you a stupid following, blind A-hole, etc. It gets much worse but won't share it. I'm reading one of your letters now.... You should have known better than to think he is honest. You're one of so many.

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