Monday, November 5, 2012

Bizarre Sex (1999)

Runtime: 57 min

Ovde ćete imati prilike da vidite al' bukvalno sve vrste perverzija i fetišizma, znači dokumentarac je pravo malo blago. Uživajte bar upola kol'ko sam ja uživ'o! 

"A wise person once observed, what I like is erotica but what you like is pornography. You may be shocked at some of the strange sights and some of the strange interests displayed in this video but before you judge, remember, that behind every pair of floral curtains, under every business suit lurks a potential pervert and that out there, there are a lot of people who probably think that what you like is weird too."



Peliz said...

Sjajne filmove imaš na blogu, je li te mogu zamoliti da ovaj ponovo okačiš negdje? Hvala!

son of man said...

Bizzare Sex - NEW LINKS! ;)

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