Monday, November 19, 2012

The Columbine Massacre - In the Killer's Minds (2007)

Runtime: 52 min

Evo sigurno najtemeljnije urađenog dokumentarca na ovu vazda aktuelnu temu. Posebno je dobro snimljen psihološki profil dvojice mladih ubica, ali i okolnosti koje su dovele do ovog incidenta koji se definitivno urezao u svest Amerikanaca kao jedan od najbrutalnijih slučajeva pucnjave u školama. Znači, jako zanimljiv rad, i zaista ga ne bi valjalo propustiti!

"It was in april 20th, 1999, at a Colorado high school. Two apparently quite harmless students, Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold, arrived at the school armed to the teeth and proceeded to butcher 15 of their fellow students, wounding dozens of others before both commit suicide. The state of Colorado and the entire world were stunned and shocked. Since then, the Colorado police has published previously unseen documents and an exclusive report on the massacre (900 pages of personal diaries, school work, drawings, music, computer files). This documentary, like a police investigation, follows the adolescent murderers' suicide mission week by week, examining the most crucial and alarming events of the months preceding the drama and to which no one paid any attention. The case will be revisited through the unique and exclusive testimony of the killers' parent's lawyer, their friends and teachers, and victims families. How did they end up at that bleak and tragic point in their lives? Could it have been foreseen? What conclusions have been drawn by the psychiatrists and police officers who have investigated the case and studied Harris' and Klebold's private writings? Everything we previously knew about this affair is false. But the truth could be even more chilling than the myth. In the United States today, there are hundreds of websites devoted to these young killers, and thousands of young Americans see them as veritable cult figures."



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