Saturday, November 10, 2012

Ode to the Dawn of Man (2011)

Werner Herzog

Runtime: 39 min

"In CAVE OF FORGOTTEN DREAMS, celebrated German film director Werner Herzog gained exclusive access to film the 32,000 year old Chauvet caves, which contain the earliest known pictorial creations of humankind. In this follow-up film, ODE TO THE DAWN OF MAN, Herzog shows us an insight into the construction of the film's score with footage and interviews with composer Ernst Reijseger (composer - THE WILD BLUE YONDER) and pianist Harmen Fraanje. An ODE TO THE DAWN OF MAN draws us into the creation of the truly epic music used in Herzog's awe-inspiring documentary and the magic created by all those involved including the musicians, composer and Herzog himself."




jonoshling said...

Hiya son of man, any chance of a re-up of this one? And thanks for the post!

son of man said...

Link is OK, but do you see it whole?
Try it from here:

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