Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Cult Killer - The Story of Rick Rodriguez (2006)

Nick Godwin

Runtime: 52 min

Ako ste imali priliku da pogledate dokumentarac The Love Prophet and the Children of God (1998) ovo mu dođe k'o logičan nastavak te priče. Znači, prostitucija, pedofilija i religija. I više nego dovoljno, zar ne?


"On January 7th 2005, 29 year old Rick Rodriguez murdered his former nanny and then killed himself on a lonely desert highway. Hours earlier he had videoed his suicide note and this final message provided a remarkable insight into a deeply damaged life. It also lifted the lid on one of the most notorious religious cults to emerge out of the 1960s counter culture: The Children of God sect."



Bill said...

the link seems not to work

son of man said...

it works, just tested it...

son of man said...

Cult Killer - NEW LINK!

kosmikino said...

Great documentary, really useful to watch this back to back with the 1998 documentary 'The Love Prophet and The Children of God' which is posted on this blog (links in comments for now).

If anyone is looking for a DVD rip of the documentary, if you go to the following link and scroll down, you will find the film available to download in a variety of file formats:


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