Thursday, July 26, 2012

GG ALLIN - Pissed Off And Pissed On (1991-1993)

"Killer footage of GG ALLIN at his most deviant backstage, in his own time and on the streets. Please note there are some segments on this that already feature on some of previous GG uploads so I made sure to note them for you among the details :

01. Piss party for GG's B'day 8-29-91 (Full footage of the snippet that appeared on the "HATED" documentary where he throws up the hotdogs).

02. Amy & GG Piss Party 1991. (Drinking torrents of piss on the American flag. Great footage of his scarred up body also).

03. Eating Amy's Bloody Tampon in CBGB's bathroom 11-91. (This is great! Tries to remove the tampon with his mouth (no teeth!) and then freaks a whole heap of drunk sluts out who happen to be in there when he eats it).

04. Eating out dog's ass in S.A Texas after 1033 show 10-5-91 (Is pretty dark and filmed on the street, but you defintly see what's going on. Public Animal No. 1!)

05. NYU Spoken Word 11-7-91. (Full footage of the segment that appeared on the "HATED" documentary).

06. Ketchup and beer enema with Tasha after Wreck Room Show, Atlanta 2-14-92. (Also great and pretty fuckin' sick! You'll see).

07. Throwing Tilla out of hotel 11-91 (also on the "After Hours" Vol. 1 upload).

08. Wendy and Till piss party 11-91 (also on the "After Hours" Vol.1 upload).

09. Houston piss party on street after Axiom show 5-18-93 (also on the "After Hours" Vol. 1 upload).

10. Destroy TV Interview 5-93 (cool interview mixed with some great live footage).

11. Recording at Don Hills Studio NYC w/Murder Junkies 4-93.

12. GG Acoustic and hanging out in Tampa (one of the few times you'll see the booze getting the better of him. Drunk and probaly drugged off his fuckin' face!)."

Thanks to herschelzebub.



ashitanoramen said...

Thanks a lot!
Any chance of reupload?

drkstar45 said...

Would fucking love to see this man.

Any chance of a reupload?

ggg said...

sonofman, could you reupload this and other gg's videos, please?

son of man said...

GG ALLIN - Pissed Off And Pissed On (1991-1993) - NEW LINK!

金田正太郎 said...


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