Wednesday, July 11, 2012

GG ALLIN - The Final Hellride (1993, funeral)

Full footage of GG ALLIN'S funeral.

Runtime: 90 min

Wake 7-2-93.
Funeral 7-3-93.
Headstone Memorial 8-28-94.

"Features all you'd expect from a funeral with speeches, tears yet with a few minor differences (photos with the corpse, donating dirty panties, pills and booze for the stay downunder) but the headstone memorial has a touch of scum when Dino gets two drumsticks inserted into his ass by Merle Allin and then takes a piss in a rubbish bin right next to the headstone.

Has some interesting stuff here and there, and it is a weird sight to see GG actually motionless, calm and silent, but less hardcore GG fans may find themselves reaching for the fast forward button a few times like a boring porno."

GG ALLIN 8-29-1956 - 6-28-1993 (RIP)



Anonymous said...

To je to, tako je živeo, tako i treba! Ništa nije preterano, treba ići do kraja...bez i trunke patetike!

son of man said...

GG ALLIN - The Final Hellride (1993, funeral) - NEW LINKS!

son of man said...


Unknown said...

Could you put up a new link so I can still be downloaded

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