Monday, July 23, 2012

The Presumption of Justice (2012)

"The Presumption of Justice is an independent Canadian documentary produced by the "Serbian Michael Moore", Boris Malagurski, about one man's right to defend himself after being caught in a political scandal.

As someone who has not even been at the spot of the incident that happened in 2009 in Belgrade when a Frenchman Brice Taton lost his life, Stefan Velickovic has been pronounced guilty of a crime. What are the interests and intentions for making this young man a scapegoat? Despite all the evidences, Stefan has been deprived of the presumption of innocence.

Is Serbia ready to understand football hooliganism and what is the path the government has taken to deal with it? What is the purpose of this verdict? - Those are just some of the questions the film poses."



summer said...

I can wait :)

Unknown said...

Film is not independet. It is sponsored by parents of murderes.

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