Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Love Letter to Edie (1975)

Robert Maier

Kratka pričica o životu Edith Massey, omiljenoj glumici iz Watersovih filmova. Prisetimo se samo njene uloge detinjaste keve u Pink Flamingos, i možda i najbolje uloge u karijeri, okultne zle svekrve u Female Trouble, a igrala je i u svim ostalim Watersovim filmovima do Polyestera. Ovde ona govori o svom životu i usponu, a tu je i tata Waters da potvrdi kako ju je sticajem okolnosti iskopao.

Ovaj gistro dokumentarac je pravio Robert Maier, lik koji je radio zvuk za Female Trouble a kasnije i producirao neke od Watersovih filmova. Naravno, film je urađen skroz u Waters stilu, tako da može da se uživa full iako je kratak. Edith je umrla 1984. od raka u 66-toj godini života. (14 min)


"A documentary short filmed in Baltimore and hosted by Edie herself, this features hilarious re-enactments of Edie's life (throwing dirty water on her wicked stepsisters, seducing drinks out of sailors in a bar, her stage show, etc.), cameos by John Waters regulars Mink Stole, Pat Moran, and Ed and Vincent Peranio, an interview with John Waters, Edie interviewed walking down the sleazy streets of Baltimore, and some nice behind-the-scenes dirt from Edie about "Pink Flamingos"! This has finally become easier to find on video, so do yourself a favor and spend 15 minutes with the most unique John Waters cast member. You can't help but fall in love with her personality before the show is through!"


Robert Maier said...

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Unknown said...

the link expired, could you post a new one?
i'm having a hard time finding this

son of man said...

Love Letter to Edie (1975) - New link added!

Zu Syrenka said...

Could you post a new link? The one posted has expired and I'm desperate to see the movie. Thanks in advance!

Anonymous said...

Please could you re-up this video? I have just got into Edith's work and I would love to see it.

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