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Mind of a Murderer (2002)

Evo konačno nešto za moju dušu. BBC-jev serijal od tri epizode koji se poglavito bavi pokušajima da se odgovori na pitanje zašto ubice ubijaju. I što reče jedan čika na početku, ne ubija oružije ljude (no srce u junaka), nego mozak ubice. Prva epizoda se bavi mentalno obolelim ljudima koji su npr. pod psihotičnim napadom i halucinacijama koje ga prate ubili svoju najbliže i slično. Onda je tu jedan drugi lik, koji je još ko klinac skroz hladnokrvno ubio dvoje male dece, proglašen je za psihopatu i nije poslan u zatvor nego u bolnicu za criminally insane. I tu se onda objašnjava razlika između psihotičnih ubica i psihopata, jer to nikako nije isto, psihopate nemaju halucinacije i paranoje, oni samo nemaju osećanja kao drugi ljudi, dakle ne osećaju strah, samilost, itd. al' već sam dosta pisao o tome na temi o psihopatiji.

Druga epizoda odgovara na pitanje da li zlostavljanje (fizičko, psihičko, seksualno) u ranom detinjstvu i povrede frontal lobe-a, a ja to zovem i čeoni režanj mada verovatno grešim, ali kontam da možemo da se razumemo na koji deo mozga mislim, dakle čeoni deo, prednji deo, dakle dal' te povrede mogu da utiču na to da čovek postane agresivniji, pa i da ubije, jer dokazano je da su velika većina ubica koji su izvršili najbrutalnija i najmonstruoznija ubistva imali teške povrede tog dela mozga, a neki su čak imali i tumore na tom mestu. A pokazalo se i da taj deo mozga utiče na kontrolu agresije, znači ono kad ti sve dozlogrdi i kad skroz popizdiš da li ćeš krenuti u obračun ili ćeš se suzdržati. E to neki ljudi mogu a neki jednostavno ne mogu, i kad ih neko isprovocira oni samo planu. To se u narodu zove i "kratak fitilj", a zapravo koren toga je u povredi mozga, svidelo se to nekom ili ne.

Treća epizoda govori o tome zašto muškarci ubijaju mnogo češće nego žene, i tu se pokazalo da testosteron igra jako bitnu ulogu, što je veći nivo testosteron to su veće šanse da dođe do nasilja u porodici pa i ubistva. Naravno ne kumuje tu samo testosteron nego i serotonin, jer se pokazalo da je kod velikog broja ubica nivo serotonina izuzetno nizak and so on. Uglavnom, ako ste voleli Discovery-ev Most Evil serijal ovo će vam se provereno svideti, taman koliko i meni. (3 x 55 min)

"Mind Of A Murderer is a BBC series which examines why people kill. Looking at new research by neurologists, psychologists, psychiatrists and biochemists, and with powerful testimony from murder witnesses and murderers themselves, the series reveals the latest thinking on the causes of violent behaviour and considers how murderers can best be treated and managed. ‘Trying to understand what happens in the mind of a murderer has traditionally been a question for psychologists and commentators on human behaviour. But now neurologists, biochemists and others are beginning to explore processes and changes in the brain itself that may explain why some people are more likely to kill than others,’ says executive producer, Harry Deans. ‘The research is new and sometimes controversial, but it is very important. As one of the scientists in the series says, “it’s not guns that kill…it’s what happens in the brain of the person pulling the trigger"

Programme One: Mask of Sanity

"The first programme, Mask Of Sanity, explores the differences between psychopathic and psychotic killers. A remarkable study at the Institute of Psychiatry is beginning to shed light on the mystery of psychosis – the discovery of a distinct pattern of neurological abnormality in the psychotic person which shows how their brain processing can distort reality. Cody Mitten lived an apparently normal life until it all went tragically wrong. Cody is now in jail on medication and he describes the vivid memories of his psychotic state when he committed the horrific murder of his mother and her boyfriend. His sister, Tammy, speaks movingly about the brother she still loves. Although the two terms are often used interchangeably, psychotics such as Cody are very different to psychopathic killers. Professor Robert Hare – the world’s leading expert in psychopathy – has found a range of neurological and physiological abnormalities in the brain which show that psychopaths cannot process emotion in the same way as normal people.These physical differences may be responsible for the cold-blooded and calculating nature of the psychopath."

Programme Two: Damaged

"Neurological research using the latest advances in brain imaging has revealed deficits and brain damage in certain types of murderer. Mind Of A Murderer investigates how childhood physical abuse can result in types of brain damage that may increase the likelihood of committing murder later in life. Cases featured on the programme include that of Dante Page who violently murdered 24-year-old Peyton Tuthill in Denver, Colorado. Page tied Tuthill up with electrical cord and later slit her throat. Dante confessed to the crime and is now awaiting trial. But how far can he be held responsible for the murder? Professor Dorothy Otnow Lewis is a forensic psychiatrist who studies the family, school and medical histories of murderers, and will be an expert witness for Page’s defence. ‘Many of the people I was seeing had these horrendous medical histories.They had signs of psychological testing, and from their school reports, of some sort of mind dysfunction. Dante Page is a walking textbook of the clinical evaluation of the violent person,’ she says. It
transpires that Page’s mother used to hit him almost daily with a range of objects and that even as early as first grade he became withdrawn and found communication difficult. Dr Adrian Raine has carried out a study of 41 murderers – all of them turn out to have frontal lobe damage. ‘If you are an infant and your parent vigorously shakes you and your head rocks backwards and forwards, the brain inside the skull will bang on the bony part of the skull and the frontal lobe will get damaged,’ he says. This is still a controversial area of research but in the United States it is already being applied in the appeals of death row prisoners where brain abnormalities are being considered as mitigating factors in their sentencing."

Programme Three: Killer Sex

"Killer Sex, the final part of Mind Of A Murderer, asks why men are overwhelmingly more likely to kill than women. When Jason Harper discovered that his wife, Sam, was having an affair and was planning to leave him, something inside him snapped – as he later told the jury at his trial. He strangled her with their daughter’s skipping rope. He was found guilty of manslaughter and, 18 months after his conviction, Jason Harper was free. Possessiveness leads nearly 100 men in Britain to kill their partners every year. Rebecca and Russell Dobash are professors at Manchester University, funded by the Home Office to analyse the patterns in British homicides. They have come face to face with more than 200 murderers. ‘The killing of women by intimate partners makes up about one-fifth of all murders. Usually it’s done when the woman is leaving, has left, or is trying to leave, under circumstances of jealousy, possession, fear of loss of the woman; the man tried to hold on to her, ironically, by killing her.’ The judge in Jason Harper’s case said that, at the point of the killing, Jason was not ‘the master of his own mind’. Now scientists are beginning to unravel what that might mean in physiological terms. Studies show that high levels of testosterone are associated with violent behaviour. It now seems that serotonin – a neurotransmitter in the brain – is also important. Dion Sanders, 25, would be facing the death penalty were it not for the intervention of a scientist. The court in Ohio accepted that Dion’s unusually low levels of serotonin, a chemical believed to act as the brain’s ‘brakes’, made him unable to control himself when he shot his grandparents in their home while attempting to rob them. The evidence so far suggests that men who act on the urge to kill may be affected by a biological drive too strong, associated with raised testosterone; or a biological ‘braking’ mechanism too weak, associated with lowered serotonin. In the future, the criminal justice system may not be able to ignore what scientists are learning about the male mind."

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