Friday, April 1, 2011

Čovjek koga treba ubiti (1979)

Veljko Bulajić

Runtime: 105 min

Nastavljamo serijal srpskog (crnogorskog?!) horrora jednim Bulajićevim ludilom u pravom smislu te reči. Inače, ovaj serijal je direktno inspirisan tekstovima iz knjige U BRDIMA, HORORI - SRPSKI FILM STRAVE, i nastojaću da postavim bukvalno sve naslove tamo pomenute. Rivju, kao i za sve domaće horrore do sad, napisao je mister Ognjanović, i možete ga pročitati zna se gde, aj' sad, hail Šejtan !


"After the murder of the Russian Emperor Peter III, who was succeeded by Empress Catherine, Satan decides that the balance between good and evil on Earth has been destabilized. In order to set things right, he sends his representative to Earth - the teacher Farfa, who bears an unusual resemblance to Peter III. His mission is to seize power from the old Duke of Montenegro, and then to take back the Russian throne as Peter III. The people of Montenegro accept Farfa as their new leader, and he proclaims himself the new Emperor, Scepan Mali, successfully resisting an invasion by the Turks. Farfa is touched by the Montenegrins' kindness and courage, falls in love with the beautiful Elfa, and fails to follow Satan's plan. Not one to be crossed, Satan sets out to kill him."



poklonik said...

Podrska u tom nastojanju!

Anonymous said...

Do you have English subs? They're not in the folder.

son of man said...

Here you are.

the saucer people said...

Many thanks for posting Covjek koga treba ubiti aka The Man To Kill, such an incredible film that works on so many levels that it is hard to "squeeze" it into a single genre.

I particularly enjoyed the scenes in "hell" such as the giant world map on the floor and the cosmological ambiguity of "the devil" as less a figure of western "ultimate evil" and more a necessary function of balance was very interesting...more of an Abraxas figure than the Christian depiction of 'Satan'.

Such a shame the director (as far as I can tell) limited his horror/fantasy work to just this film..anyway, thanks again Son Of Man!

rashomon said...

сви линкови за овај филм мртви, постоји ли шанса да га окачиш поново?

son of man said...

Covjek koga treba ubiti (1979) - NEW LINKS!

kosmikino said...

Thanks very much for the download links, Son of Man, I posted the rip on my You Tube channel and I also revised the English subtitles, making the timing and grammar, spelling etc better.

I will be posting some more Yugoslavian era horror and fantasy films on my Kosmikino You Tube channel and I have your blog and Cult of the Ghoul blog to thank in part for all the information about the films from Yugoslavia.

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