Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Death in June: Behind the Mask (2006)

Runtime: 58 min

"Death In June: Behind The Mask is a recently released DVD interview with Douglas Pierce of Death In June. Created by American based Voidstar Productions in cooperation with Sektor 6 Kommunikations Behind The Mask offers a glimpse into the personal life of Douglas Pierce as well as a meandering history of Death In June. Behind The Mask was filmed during a day long interview that took place in the basement of a skyscraper in downtown NYC during the winter of 2004. This very unique odyssey into the life and times of Douglas Pierce and the infamous Death In June was organized and headed by Darryl Hell. Behind The Mask is unlike other interviews in which both the artists and the interviewer are represented. Behind The Mask was conducted and edited in such a manner as to remove almost all trace of the interviewer. The interview was filmed forty feet below the surface in the abandoned basement of a NYC skyscraper while a blizzard raged outside in the city. Douglas Pierce appears in classic Death In June regalia complete with combat boots, colored camouflage clothing and the white mask. The interview is conducted and filmed with Douglas seated alone amidst the cold and unflattering bowels of an industrialized basement. The viewer never hears the questions Douglas is asked but rather the interview has been edited to only include Douglas's lengthy responses. The tone is conversational and Douglas speaks at length about very personal issues. Numerous aspects of Douglas Pierce's life are thoroughly discussed such as his family, childhood, and his current relationship to his family members. In addition the interview covers in detail the beginnings of Douglas Pierce's career as a musician. Douglas explains his involvement with music and traces his personal history back to the European punk rock movement of the 70's and his first band Crisis. The interview includes Douglas Pierce's use of hallucinogenic drugs earlier in life and his coming out as a gay male."

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